INTENSIVE TRAINING with your own horse in the ZENTAURUS center

Visitors are welcome to come and train with their own horse at the Centaurus Training Center.



With the same emphasis

As with our courses you will receive personal daily lessons.
The main focus is on real basic work  and thus an anatomy involving gymnastics of the horse in order to maintain health through exercises of classical horsemanship depending on the level of training: bending exercises, sideways, trespassing, up to higher lessons.
Tailored to the anatomy of each horse, we work on exercises to improve the balance of the horse and the communication between the horse and rider.

The number of training days is individually negotiable. Stables are always available!

It should be noted, however, that the prompt reaction to thigh aids is the basis of any riding! To send horses out of an exaggerated idea only sideways blocks just as much the back as a false forward lawn on the fore Hand. Therefore the thigh obedience and the straight forward riding is the basic building block of our training work!

If the horse becomes more agile in the kidneys by the lateral mobilization of the spine, the first Piaffe kicks can be demanded cautiously and calmly. By means of targeted touching, the horse is introduced to an increased back bulge. It is always important that the training is done with the necessary rest and does not cause any stress for the horse.
Through the Spanish step, the balance is improved and the shoulder free, which is advantageous for the further learning of the Passage. The trotting reinforcements can also be improved!


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