The knowledge of the old masters form the basis of our education. The goal was – and should still be today – to keep the horse well into their old age healthy and strong. In battle, the speed of the horse’s reaction to his rider’s signals determined life or death. A highly trained warhorse was extremely  valuable and so the riding style aimed to strengthen the horse’s muscular build in order for the horse to remain operational as long as possible.

Through a proper gymnastics with exercises such as shoulder, trespassing, traversing, Renvers up to piaffe and passage the horse is straightened and balanced. Cervical, lumbar spine, iliosacral and hip joints are mobilized, the muscular and ligamentous apparatus strengthened, thereby protecting the joints. The stable hindquarters gradually become stronger and can absorb more weight. With the increase of strength, there are less injuries.
The horse becomes light and can react increasingly finer to the aids.

The rider becomes “bearable” for the horse!


When a horse is brought to us for training, it is thoroughly analysed for the following: 

Saddling and bridling
osteopathic problems [more]

hoof balance
feeding state
mental aspects

Only after the determination of any malfunctions can a corresponding performance be demanded of the horse. 
The training is divided into guiding and riding, taking into account in each case, the anatomical possibilities as well as the muscular condition and talent of the horse. 
This training requires time and patience – of which the timing is ALWAYS determined by the horse!
We oppose working against the nature and talent of the horse! But with much empathy, seemingly “untalented” horses often do extraordinary things!


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