Participation in courses is voluntary and at your own risk. Each participant will pay for any damage caused and will release the organizer and the instructors from all liability claims.

All course media, data carriers and scripts are solely for private use and are subject to copyright. Reproduction of any kind is permitted only after prior agreement with the organizer and author.

If the required number of participants is not reached (or for other reasons not known before), the ZENTAURUS® Academy reserves the right to cancel courses. Costs incurred as a result of such cancellations, delays in appointments or seminars may not be reimbursed by the ZENTAURUS® Academy. You will be informed immediately about any cancellations or course changes by mail or phone.

The maximum number of participants per event will be determined in such a way that our customers are offered the optimal conditions for learning. If all places have been allocated for a training course, we will be happy to remind you of the next one. They are ranked in chronological order of receipt of your application.

Terms of Service