The main theme

of our courses is the correct gymnastics and thus healthy keeping of the riding horse in the leisure as well as in the tournament sports area. The particular field of use of the horse, recreational, dressage, Western or show jumping, secondary, since a muscle building by proper gymnastics for all horses of all breeds is necessary to improve the balance in the movement and relieve joints and tendons.


An extensive theoretical part or theoretical discussion (about 1 hour) precedes the practice on both days. Thus, an understanding of the anatomical conditions in the training structure is to be created vividly

How does the natural skewness affect the movement process?

Why and how do you strengthen the loin?

What does a correct forward-downward look like?



In one-to-one tuition, we jointly develop an individual training structure to compensate for physical weaknesses and asymmetries of the horse and thus improve balance and communication between horse and rider.

From the correct release of the horse in the crotch to the highest gathering in the piaffe, work on the straightening and lateral movements such as shoulder, counter shoulder, travers and Renvers up to the Spanish step and the highest balance in the passage – depending on the level of training we promote horse and Riders in lessons of classical equitation, to a fine dressage work.

Seat correction

In the classroom, we attach particular importance to a balanced seat of the rider, because only then the back of the horse can be solved and made to swing. The rider should learn to feel how an arched, stable back of his horse feels!


deal for gymnastics, the Cranio Sacral Omnipathie® (CSO) balances blockages in the joints and tissues to aid in mobility. This very fine method, developed from osteopathy, thus forms an optimal supplement to horse gymnastics.


1st Day: Theory, 2×30 min. Private lessons

2nd Day: Theory, 1×60 Min. Private lessons, on request: Cranio Sacral Omnipathie®


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